Q: Rory, you spent a decade writing, reviewing, and editing in a professional audit setting. Where’s that portfolio content!?

A: Unfortunately, our audit reports didn’t include bylines, and internal documents don’t make the flashiest portfolio examples. But I’m happy to share more about my professional writing experience through auditing!

Over ten years of experience in the field of performance auditing granted me so many opportunities to improve my writing and editing skills. In addition to performing and documenting the underlying audit procedures, I served as a supervisor and manager to other auditors, and:

  • Wrote and edited reports used as tools for improvement by managers, boards, and commissions, and also released to the public. Some were covered and quoted in local, state, and even national news.
  • Performed regular revisions ranging from proofreading to extensive editing and rewriting of other auditors’ memos, reports, executive summaries, and transmittal letters.
  • Developed forms, report templates, surveys and questionnaires, and procedural checklists.
  • Wrote or edited agency correspondence, press releases, performance measures, and job descriptions.
  • Performed extensive research on a wide variety of topics.
  • Customized and wrote best practices and policies/procedures for electronic workpaper implementation and use. Assessed and recommended changes to written policies and procedures at numerous state agencies.
  • Educated other staff on grammar, formatting, proofreading, and related skills, both on the job and in formal trainings.

Because I can’t include ten years of internal documentation in my portfolio, I did want to take this opportunity to scratch the surface of my work as “the office writing expert,” in case it might serve as an example of how I can help you. Auditing honed my skills researching, editing, presenting complex information in a clear way, and writing to my specific audience… while of course also learning to work to deadlines and budgets and excel as a team member.

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auditors with papers and laptops shaking hands and writing. Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash